A deductible is the portion of the repair bill that the policy holder will pay. Many insurance companies call this the self-insurance portion.

To manage insurance premiums, policy holders will increase their deductible to lower their premium. Most times the deductible amount is decided upon with the assistance of your insurance agent at the time of purchase or renewal of an insurance policy. For most repairs, the customer will pay the deductible directly to the collision center when the repairs are completed, and the insurance company will send a check for the rest of the repair.

A driver, on average, will be in a car accident every 100,000 miles driven, so weigh your options when you decide on your level of deductible. See or speak with your insurance agent to check for the proper level. Whether you initiate a claim with your insurance company, or you would like to pay for the repair yourself, MD Collision Center will work with you to keep your out of pocket expenses as minimal as possible.


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